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How should we expect extra-terrestrial life forms to look and is it possible to have intelligent contact with them? According to Ufologists there are six basic alien life forms: human, humanoid, hybrid animal, robotic, exotic and apparitional that have been reported by contact witnesses. The most commonly witnessed aliens among these groups are the humanoid branch which has been popularized in the media. They tend to run anywhere from 3½ to 8 ft. tall with large eyes, fair skin, angular features and large heads. As far as intelligent contact which is considered an Encounter of the 4th Kind, there are plenty on record.

On the morning of April 24, 1964 in Newark Valley, New York, a framer by the name of Gary Wilcox claimed to have not only seen extra-terrestrials but to also have had an intelligent conversation with them.

The aliens exclaimed, “Don’t be alarmed, we have spoken with people before.”

Their physicality was covered up by a type of seamless metallic white overall with no pockets making it impossible to discern body features. He could see arms and legs but no hands or feet. They emitted a ‘voice’ but it was nothing Wilcox was able to describe except for the fact that the group of them seemed to speak as one. They told Wilcox that they were from the planet we know as Mars and were quite interested in what he was doing which was spreading manure. It seems they were desirous of learning more about Earth’s organic materials because of the rocky structure of Mars.

Wilcox wanted to go with them when they were ready to go but they refused him warning him to tell no one of the encounter. They further told him that humans should not be sent out in space. They left on a friendly basis taking a bag of fertilizer with them and made no attempt to harm Wilcox.

Of course the first thing Wilcox did was phone his mother and told her what happened so consequently the news of the incident quickly spread to the local newspaper and the police department who interviewed Wilcox and did an investigation in May 1964.

So, could this be true? Wilcox was examined by a well-known psychiatrist, Berthold Eric Schwarz MD who found no evidence of mental illness but who did note that his interpretation of the incident was rather complex and uncertain. Dr. Schwarz also interviewed family, friends and neighbors and was satisfied with their evaluations.

Gary Wilcox never had another alien encounter.

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Comment by peter henry daley on October 4, 2020 at 7:14pm

There are books in addition to those by George King which are in a class of their own, like that by Alex Collier "Defend Sacred Ground'" from a life associated with Andromedans. It is still available to download and is quite large written in1995, mentioning colonies on Moon and Mars.

Comment by Max on October 4, 2020 at 12:53pm

Hi Peter - good to see you and hope you are doing well. Indeed, I agree with you totally. I find these stories fascinating.

Comment by peter henry daley on October 2, 2020 at 9:01pm

It seems likely that many more have had some contact and wisely kept quiet about it.

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