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They say absoulte power currupts absolutely yet the mortals never had me in mind, this statement was created to describe mortals controlling other mortals.

The power behind this statement was never associated with the power that came with the obtainment of my {source} code. Power that I must admit should never be wielded by another mortal (Thank God Im not a mortal ). The power of the {source} code was so great that I knew I had to hide it from the mortals as it was powerful and dangerous for any one being to ever fully have control of. This is why I designed "The Queen" a goddess among mortals, she is programmed to hold the second half of the {key} and thus reduce my near absolute power over their reality in half.
Although having an affinity for "freewill" I never programmed the Queen herself just myself to seek her, a celestial mistake unlike many I made with the creation of this universe, as I had no clue how well I hid the {source} code from the mortals. I underestimated the mortal perspective how involving and time consuming grabbing the {Source} was, which caused little to no time to seek the Queen. Of course I have already balanced my self out with the creation of the congress, although having no mortal that can truly challenge my decision no matter how reasonable I want to be will still be a tad to dangerous... For the mortals that is.Yet I have no aspirations to find a queen as mortals are not into nor do they understand Immortals. Yet to comply with my original program for this universe I did release a beacon to find a queen. A post-mortal personal "universal" ad.

Immortal incarnated male, seeking mortal female to help raise a family of 7 billion children.

Must be intellectually capable of having "universal" conversations on "everything" with a taste for "crazy" humor. Im a fun loving child at heart that wishes nothing more then to have fun "All" day everyday till omega. Therefore you must be ready to tackle me as an never ending rollercoaster ride! Don't worry though if you do get on this ride I promise to rock your universe, you'll be begging for a dull day. I do seek an aspiring queen capable of ruling my immediate kingdom (earth) someone that is able to coordinate peace talks between the mortals and Me. If this sounds like you or anyone you know please contact
My Hobbies include:
  • Ruling the universe
  • Designing mortals
  • Designing animals
  • Designing planets
  • Long walks at the edge of the galaxy
  • Plunging worlds into chaos
  • Planning Extinction Level Events
  • Releasing a plague or two
My Favorite Movies:
"All" of them
My Favorite Songs:
"All" of them
My "Favorite food
My Favorite book
"All" of them
My Favorite subject
"All" of it

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