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The Gregorian Calender an Esoteric Masterpiece




                                                                THE GREGORIAN  CALINDER


Contrary to what most people think about the Gregorian calender , It is an extremely powerful system ,it seems that most folks think the calender system is a system of counting from the beginning of time ,yeah in that aspect any calender system is a hoax , because time in our aspect is not based on start and finish . The western calendic system is based on a astrotheological formula which activates the Conscious co- creative aspects in Each zodiac which corresponds or equals to an Alchemical operation with Solar Conscious aspects and lunar Unconscious aspects. What makes the western calender system ,in its current known state incomplete is the missing Super Conscious aspects which is the central 13th zodiac .The theological syntax is within its numerological myriads and the 13th operation must become the super conscious expression . The Gregorian calender is incomplete because Christian must enter into a synthesis with the theology of Christianity .The teachings of Christ is an operation not story telling which means we must resonate with the different experiences in the life of Christ .WE can say this much Christ experiencethe twelve zodiacs through his life ,could the accumulated experience attributes to the13th zodiac only keen perception can answer these questions if Sophia creative cycle is 28 days then the 29th 30th and 31st must express what emanates from this process , an example of the numerological significance in the western calender .this system is truly an esoteric masterpiece given to us by the triad of deity ISIS, RA &EL this triad is also a code ex for the calendic triad in the western system . I don't have to prove the trinity of things, because it forms the bases of Christianity, what I want to bring across is the Importance of our system .it is for us to go on the Quest for the grail or the vessel or Venus or the 13th aspect of the 12th ,all are saying the same thing.

The wonders of the western calender is mightier than all the systems in place across the world today

The Great Western powers used the Gregorian system to gain this authority and are only simulating

death and renewal a ritual that will ensure prosperity in the longer stretch heading into multiplicities

or the aquarian age .. Ain Zabad ..76;65




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Comment by Steve Prellwitz on August 6, 2011 at 8:13pm

The Calendar is the First Conspiracy. Syncrhonicitously, I just posted about the secret of the Julian Calendar in my own blog:

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