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                                   THE  LOST TEN  DAYS


                                               (Time can be manipulated )


            It was just an ordinary trip between Rotorua and Auckland. The mountain road was twisty and full of sharp bends, and as it became misty it developed into thick fog. Meeting another car from the opposite direction could be disastrous. He slowed down to a crawl keeping an eye on the rocky wall and keeping close to it. There was blinding light as lost consciousness thinking," I hope it is not a heavy truck".

  Some time later he regained consciousness and examined the car .

 There were no signs of damage, so he resumed his journey and forgot the incident with the  bright light.

  Arriving in Auckland he went into the office towards the end of the afternoon, ready to

   explain for his lateness. He was greeted by the boss,

"Where do you think you have been?"

"I am sorry" he replied, "it is only a few hours and it was very foggy all the way". The rest of the staff looked at him strangely and one said,

"So it only took ten days?"

He felt a little faint as he remembered something had happened on the way.


There followed a saga of embarrassments. He lost his job and entered into a state of depression about the lost ten days. Things changed after he was persuaded to seek psychiatric help. He was fortunate in dealing with a man who had experience in hypnotherapy. Succeeding sessions revealed that he had spent ten days on another planet after being abducted and escorted there in a spaceship. He eventually began to remember the whole sequence of events and was able to describe in detail his adventure.


The end result was his book which he wrote after the grilling he had from the security police who wanted to know everything. He realized that such goings on were not unusual and knew he had some important information. However, he refused to co­operate and resulted in antagonizing the government, which responded by making his life difficult.  


It is a true story.

            His name is Alec Newdal and it happened in mid Feburary1989.

            It is on the internet with his book "Ca-Evolution" describing life on the planet.












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