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“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. In him was life; and the life was the light of men.”

– Gospel of John 1:1-4

The past few weeks I have actively and passively contemplated the ancient Vedic interpretation of time cycles or “Yugas”. I touched upon this somewhat in my article about the “Abrahamic Question”, but something happened this past Monday night that has prompted me to explore it further. That night I sat in meditation when I began to receive what you might describe as visions and glimpses into the “other side”. It was though I was opened up and the Light from inside of my core began receiving information from a Light source that was beyond me as an individual. Toltec shaman Don Miguel Ruiz beautifully describes this Light:

Light is a living being. There are billions of different vibrations of light. Light carries all the information for any kind of life on Planet Earth. Mother Earth transforms the information in the light from the Father Sun to create life. The DNA in each of our cells is a ray from the Sun condensed into matter by Mother Earth.

The information carried by the light is known as the silent knowledge. The silent knowledge is stored and passed on in DNA; therefore our bodies contain the codes.

All knowledge that exists is in the light. Light is the way stars communicate from one to the other, just as light is the way one atom communicates with another atom.

Each human has a frequency of light, which is always connected to the Sun, like a river to Earth…”


One of these “visions” or components of “Sun/Son-Light data” I had that night had to do with the cycles of the Yugas. For those who may not be familiar, the Yugas describe cycles of time and are found in the ancient Sanskrit texts known as the Vedas. They are described as being divided into four cycles:

Satya Yuga: which could also be referred to as the “Spiritual Age”. This would be a time when humanity existed in its purest form, closest to the Divine.  This would be when the Spiritual Body was formed/upgraded.
Treta Yuga: which could also be referred to as the “Mental Age”. This would be a time when humanity harnessed the awesome power of mind.  This would be the time when the Mental Body was formed/upgraded.
Dwapara Yuga: which could also be referred to as the “Energy Age”. This would be a time when humanity understood and harnessed the energy fields that permeate existence.  This would be the time when the Energetic or “Astral” Body was formed/upgraded.
Kali Yuga: which could also be referred to the “Material Age” or “Dark Age”. This would be a time when humanity was fully engrossed in physical survival and furthest from divine potential.  This would be the time when the Physical Body was formed/upgraded.

It is understood in the Vedic tradition that humanity has come down through these Ages, and is now making its way back up. In his book, “The Holy Science”, Sri Yukteswar, the teacher of the famous Paramhansa Yogananda (author of “Autobiography of a Yogi”), argued that we are in fact currently in the Dwapara or “Energy Age”, rather than still in the midst of the Kali Yuga as others may state. This can be correlated historically by the energy and technological revolutions that have taken place in the last century.


The Yugas can likewise be correlated with Biblical tradition as well, with the Garden of Eden story representing the Satya Yuga (Spiritual Age). After the “fall”, human behavior and consciousness seems to slowly degenerate until we reach the story of Jesus, which would have taken place during the Kali Yuga, a time that needed the Sun/Son of God to incarnate more than any other. Then, at end of the Bible in “Revelation”, we have the vision of “the New Heaven and the New Earth”, which can be seen as a return to the Satya Yuga.

For quite some time now I have had a fascination with the notion that the evolution of human life and civilization is not the steady upward linear progression that we have been taught in school, with we modern humans being at the pinnacle of evolutionary development. According to the Vedas, as well as various other esoteric traditions and mystics, humanity actually in a sense “devolved” or better, “descended” from a higher state of vibrational existence into dense matter. We then hit a point where going any denser would have been detrimental to the Creation, at which point, we began to ascend back up towards the state of existence we came from.

However, I have come to understand that this process is not just a straight “up and down and then up again” movement like a ball bouncing or something of that effect, which would imply that we are merely retracing steps, although there certainly appears to be a component of “rediscovery” in this process. But it also appears that humanity as it goes back on the upswing, it changes or “evolves” (almost like a two steps forward/one step back thing- a dance perhaps?). This means that humanity in the new Satya Yuga or Spiritual Age will be different from the humanity that existed in the old.

That being said, it isn’t that I don’t “believe” in evolution, I just think it is a FAR different process than we have been told by our intellectual authorities (like most things). This would make the whole process take on the visual form of a “U” or something to that effect.


This brings us to my “vision”. As I sat there open to the Light and flickering imagery of beings and symbols, I saw the shape of the Yuga progression that I described, but I saw that it was a wave- like a sound wave or a light wave. It was as though it was a song:

The (song) causes matter in the cosmic womb to vibrate, to dance and form patterns. In inner group esoteric circles this process is sometimes known as ‘the dance of the substances’. After a while it causes matter to coagulate into a variety of strange shapes.

What we are seeing here, then, is the Sun singing the world into existence.” (Mark Booth- “Secret History of the World”)

The “Word” or “Logos” as described in the Gospel of John, which was based off much older esoteric knowledge, describes a sound and makes the sound synonymous with light, both things the science of this “Energy Age” have found to vibrate and move as waves. Specifically like what is known as a “sine wave”:




Theoretically, while the wave has a definite beginning or “Source”, it has no clear end. This was what I saw in my “vision”:


For the longest time I had held onto this notion that this arc of descent into matter and renascent into spirit was a one time thing. This vision showed me that it appears to be a continual process. The image of the Yugas as a cyclical process that I found when researching this bit of “gnosis” seems to confirm this:

Main-Yuga-Spiral-without-pe1bMy external search for understanding how this all works led me to what is known as “Simple Harmonic Motion”, which is essentially motion created by vibration, in this case sound vibration. An article out of Live Science entitled “What is Simple Harmonic Motion” illustrates this:

When a musician strums a guitar, the vibration of the strings creates sound waves that human ears hear as music. When a guitar string is plucked, it moves a certain distance, depending on how hard the guitar player strums. The string returns to its starting point and travels nearly the same distance in the opposite direction. The vibrational energy of the string is dissipated in the form of sound. This causes the distance the string moves, or the amplitude of the vibrations, to decrease gradually. The volume of the sound fades until the string eventually falls silent.

Of course, there is much, much more one can read and learn about the principles of simple harmonic motion in physics. However I think the point I’m getting to here can be summed up by simply comparing two images:


yuga circle and sine

The process of the Creation and the “time” in which it occurs appears to be a sort of “harmonic motion” taking place on a sine wave (or multiple sine waves).  Equally intriguing for me is the appearance of the encircled cross, better known as the “Celtic Cross” in the harmonic motion formula.  Researcher Crichton Miller has actually proven that this was used as a navigation and time-keeping device, and likewise points to the ancient priest class as being the “keepers of time”.

celtic cross marine navigator

Even looking at the processes of history, from economic cycles, to social cycles, to the rise and fall of empires, to climate and sun cycles, all of these things can be graphed as various forms of sine or Kondratiev Waves”. Named after Russian economist, Nikolai Kondratiev, these waves were originally graphed to show economic trends. This was mirrored by the work of economists Edward Dewey and Edward Dakins. They found that waves of behavior exist throughout all aspects of human life. They also found that these often tended to mirror solar activity.





These things, as well as the dominance of various archetypes and spiritual forces over the direction of creation could all essentially be overlaid on top of the primary wave cycle of the Yugas:


So what does this all mean? It means that in theory this process of creation and the descent and renascent cycles of humanity on a large scale is potentially unending, since sound waves never truly end, although they certainly do change and dissipate. It also means that we may not be at the beginning of this “wave of time”, that is to say that what we believe to be “the beginning” may not be.  I am most definitely not the first person to vocalize this in one form or another, but I am certainly inspired by it nonetheless.

It could also mean that like a music score, there would be multiple “waves” harmonizing at the same time like instruments in an orchestra or singers in a choir. This would make us both the singers and part of the song itself, as in the end, the two become indistinguishable.  This means that we can potentially tap into this sound-wave of creation if we are able to understand how to do so (and indeed there is evidence that some may have already).  If we learn how to read the music of creation, the potentials are seemingly endless.

As far as applications for this sort of understanding, researchers like Dr. Joseph Farrell have pointed out the potential that the understanding of the sort of “deep physics” could bring us to- both good and bad.  The technology that could be created and the understanding that could be gleaned would be beyond the sort of “dead-end” physics model that the majority of mainstream science makes the general public privy to.  I believe that understanding and harnessing this would truly be the pinnacle of this new “Energy Age“.


It is the most grand and complex symphony ever created; each harmony, each crescendo; as it takes us up and down into the very highest soprano and into the deepest bass tones. It invites us to actively participate in the symphony, even though we already are, if unknowingly.  This is a musical epic that makes Wagner’s Siegfried or Beethoven’s 9th Symphony seem as trite as a Miley Cyrus song.

So does this mean that the song is “predetermined” and therefore infallible? I would say yes and no. Like any band or orchestra, there are always people who may mess up a chord or play out of tune, or even attempt to sabotage the entire thing. But typically the orchestra will play until the song is finished, as the show must go on. But perhaps it is more like a “jam band”, where one musician plays off another creating a seemingly endless melody that takes everyone involved on a journey to parts unknown.  In either case, or any other, I suppose we should all make sure we practice and tune our instruments, because we are all playing in the Divine Orchestra and it’s showtime!


Those who have ears to hear should hear. Namaste and God Bless.

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