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The Newly Discovered Red Rose Nebula

This Nebula and its name is a Valentine from the Chi energyMany cultures believe there is power in a name. She is called SH2-174! Not so romantic until we use the  the ancient language of HiBuRu (the Runes) I have extrapolated numerically with the Archetypes of the Tarot the meaning of Her name Love that is Inner Light. See the specifics of the numerology of HER name extrapolated below. The name holds a magical array of vibrations that I discovered using RA: Runes and Archetype Numerology.

The numbers show the nebula is indeed named for a Red Rose despite what may seem like a random set of numbers. Picture of Her - the Red Rose Nebula - contained in the article below from The London Daily Mail.

  • In the Runes S=19 and means Integration. 19 is the Sun Archetype.
  • 19/10/1 is the energy of the 1st chakra
  • H in the Runes =is 8 Bringing into Being. 8 is the Archetype of Justice.
  • 19 + 8 = 27 or the Power of Now. 2+7 = 9
  • 9 is the Source Field that many believe to be the Energy of ALL THAT IS:  LOVE.
  • 27/18/9 is the energy of the 9th Chakra - our connection to ALL That is Love within our body.
  • 18 in the Runes is Communication in all its forms. It is the archetype of the Moon -intuition.

Please note: I use the Uthark Rune interpretations and the Crowley Thoth interpretations and my own intuition in interpreting RA.

1. So we have identified through its name that RED ROSE holds the energy of 27 The Power of Now and the Source Field. Now we look at the 2.

  • In the Runes 2 is Clearing the Random forces of Chaos the old dying to make way for the new.
  • 2 is the archetype of the Priestess that is the Cosmic Womb that grows intuition and confidence of heart more each day. This is the feeling nature both men and women have.

2. So we have now added the energy of 2 to 9 and we get 11!!

  • In the Runes 11 is the Cycles of Change. Its symbol is the Yin Yang sign.
  • 11 is the archetype of Strength- a whole lot of people know when we are coming from love we are coming from our Strength. Fear and love cannot co-exist.
  • 1+1=2 Making way for the New by holding Cosmic Intention (the Womb or Cauldron)

3. So, the nebulas first name of SH2 is (and so much more):

  • 11 Strength of Love, 2 The old dying to the New,  9 partners with Source to bring this into the NOW to integrate the Sun (the 10th house of our Astrological Chart) . (And many other permutations).4. So the nebulas last name of 174 )(and so much more)  is:
  • 1 in the Rune is Beginning. In the Archetypes it is the Magician- manifesting without control but in self control
  • 7 in the Runes is Joy the Potency of all encompassing LOVE. In the Archetypes it is the Chariot...the moving forward energy of Steering One's own Wheel of Fortune
  • 4 in the Runes is Moving forward towards more love: the order of Time. In the Archetypes it is the Emperor or heart.
  • 1+7+4= 12 in the Runes is Birthing the New. It is the Archetype of The Hanged Man-contained ego.
  • It is 1+2 working together to create 3 - The Cosmic Birther - holding intention to manifest expanding LOVE daily.

5. So the first name = 2 Intention plus last name of 3 of manifestion = 5: In the Runes is Inner Light and is the Archetype of the Hierophant. Are we guided by our Higher Self in our creations?

5 is the 5th element or Chi. It is the  note of So that is Confidence.

5 is the Pentagram

5 is the 5th Chakra of Voice whose color is Blue:

Let their be Light. And so it is.

This nebula is a greeting card saying thank you for being a true blue friend and voice LOVE and its Light. Breath this energy in!

This nebula is dying as we all must daily to the past. Every day we grow brighter. Red Rose is a reference to our being in the timing of of 2013 - 20 is the AEON or Light....and 13 is Death Rebirth Change...old ways of loving are dying to the new.

2013= 6 - 6 is the X in the runes: it is the joining of the Feminine and masculine in respect : It is the Wheel of Time.....6 Is the Archetype of the Lovers....the Heiros Gamos....the sacred marriage that produces Horus the Neutral Witness.

See the two innocents on the Sun Card Above. The represent our Feminine and Masculine energy in the respect that is Justice for All. May the force be with you.

To all: I was only going to post this information from the daily mail but my intuition was so strong to release the true story. It is my lesson of again seeing deeper and adding language to provide meaning using RA. I feel that this exercise is my Valentine from the Universe. And from the Red Rose.

I hope it has inspired you as well. Happy Valentine's Day! Much love and Light of Red Rose!!!!

Love Swan a Red Rose

Daily Mail's article of today:

Astronomers from the U.S. National Optical Astronomy Observatory released the image of the newly discovered nebula on the eve of Valentine's Day. 


 As we gear up for the one day of the year dedicated to lovers, it seems that even the Universe has a romantic side. Planetary nebula Sh2-174 gives the appearance of a red rose but is actually the remains of a dying star some 1,000 light years away.  

Our love is in the stars: The rose-like planetary nebula Sh2-174

A planetary nebula is created when a low-mass star blows off its outer layers at the end of its life.

The core of the star remains and becomes an immensely dense white dwarf.

Usually the white dwarf is found right at the heart of the nebula, but in the case of Sh2-174 it is shifted to one side. 

In the image, it is the blue star near the right hand edge of the nebula, where the gas turns from red to blue.

The image was taken using the Mayall four-metre telescope at Kitt Peak National Observatory in Arizona. Observations were made through four different colour filters.

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Comment by Adam Kadmon on February 15, 2013 at 7:24am

This Is Great Swan!!!...True the Universe has a Romantic side!

Much Love to you!!!

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