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The Kabbalah is based on an ancient form of M-Theory, in which reality is fractalized in ten forms, with an additional one in the middle. But its origins resides not in Israel but in Egyptian Tarot Tradition. The Torah is an anagram for Tarot. The Kabbalah is more cosmological than Hermetical and based on speculative science. Yoga and Kundalini is a similar form. And both neophytes ascend both forms in a serpentine fashion. And fall in a thunderbolt fashion.
Carlos Cisneros


It is generally acknowledged that The Zohar was compiled in Spain by Moses de Leon at the end of the 13th century. De Leon was influenced by the 12th century mystics who viewed kabala as an unbroken tradition in Jewish thought. Thus, in order to give an aura of sanctity and acceptance to the cabalistic speculation of The Zohar, he ascribed its philosophy to Rabbi Simon ben Yohai, who lived during the 2d century a. d. Legend tells that Rabbi Simon, forced to hide from the Romans in a cave for 13 years, occupied himself with the mysteries of heaven and earth. It is clear, however, that Simon ben Yohai was not the author of The Zohar, nor was Moses de Leon its sole author. Rather, de Leon gathered together the mystical knowledge of several generations, and added his own thinking. That this greatest of all cabalistic books contains chapters varying in style and content is cited as proof of multiple authorship.

The 'origin' of Ka ba La (On)  is now seen as 'Jewish' - what do you make of this article;


The Ancient Egyptian doctrine of the structural unity of the human being and the universe
(an extract from Valery Uvarov's book The Hierophants)

The doctrine of the structural unity of the human being and the universe that has come down to us today in a relatively recognizable form has nothing to compare with it in world culture. Many contemporary religious traditions have their sources in this ancient doctrine that is clearly of cosmic origin. Reflected in cultural monuments it is a philosophical artefact that beyond all doubt points to the existence at one time of a moral and ethical missive conveyed to humanity by a civilization at a far higher spiritual level. Most probably extraterrestrial in view of its scale and significance. In essence this missive is the moral and ethical code of the Universe, adherence or failure to adhere to which determines the developmental vector of any society. But what lies at the heart of the ancient teaching?

The great Heliopolis Ennead

What we have here is a depiction of the great nine "gods" [77]of the Heliopolis Ennead, the main and oldest pantheon in Egypt.

In discussing the Ancient Egyptian spiritual tradition, modern scholarship says:

"Where did the Ancient Egyptian gods come from? The Egyptians invented them, as all other peoples did -gods of their own, in an attempt to understand an explain the world around them that was full of mysteries and secrets. In the raging elements, in the behaviour of animals, in the properties of plants, in any unusual object the saw a manifestation of mighty forces - good and evil. It was important to recognize those forces and appease them: it was these that became gods for people. Gradually those gods began to resemble human beings."

This viewpoint reflects the prevailing scholarly opinion of the world-view and level of knowledge of the ancients. Although what lies behind the "gods" depicted in the picture goes far beyond the contemporary scientific conception of the nature of human beings and the world in which they live.

In order to grasp the nature of the resultant contradiction it is important to note that the doctrine in question is very ancient. Considerably older than the historical monuments bearing traces of that teaching which are studied by Egyptologists. There is a great deal of evidence in the ancient papyruses to indicated that the scribes had a fairly poor understanding of the significance of the texts that they were copying.[78].

The "great nine" that has come down to us from the depths of time was the basis of a doctrine, the meaning of which derives from the structure of the world. It is the foundation of the scientific paradigm and world-view of the Ancient Egyptian priests, that came to be known as "KA-BA-LA-ON".[79] In order to grasp the meaning of this doctrine we shall turn to the ancient texts. But first let us cast aside the view imposed upon us by Egyptologists and look at the composition with unprejudiced eyes.

Let us begin with the main thing.

Depicted in the upper left corner of the composition is what is known as a "vignette". In the Egyptian tradition vignettes were placed at the beginning of a text (papyrus) and were intended by the Egyptian scribes and artists to illustrate the general meaning of the contents of the papyrus or the text of the particular chapter.

This vignette depicts two intertwined flowers. One has its source in, the "water of life",[80], and therefore symbolizes the energy plane. In the vignette only the outline of this flower is shown, repeating its aura.[81].

The other flower is drawn in detail and has its origin in , , a medium with an orderly structure that therefore symbolizes structurizing nature.

Thus the vignette points allegorically to the two sources of life energy "KA-BA" (Yin-Yang), that are both one and opposite.[82]. But where two opposites (+ è —), appear, an interaction arises between them - the third creative principle "LA". Therefore with the two "KA-BA" flowers interwoven around a third symbolizing "LA", the vignette expresses the "principle of triunity" or [KA-BA-LA]. It should be added that "LA" has many levels of meaning and also represents material structurized nature resulting from the "KA-BA" interaction.

If we look at the vignette through the eyes of the priests, then from the position of the ancient scientific paradigm the vignette indicates that the information presented in the picture is stated in the "KA-BA-LA" system. (Fig. 120).

Shedding light on the multiplex meaning of the composition, the vignette illustrates the idea that the world of the "gods", like everything in the world has a triple nature.

Through this composition, using the universal language of images, the priests passed on from generation to generation the arcane knowledge of the true nature of the human being.

Introducing to the world the idea of the divine origin of humanity, the sole idea called upon to unite and capable of uniting a world that came from the Single Essence, of which each human being is a projection, the priests passed on to generations of disciples the following knowledge.

The human being is created in the image and likeness of the Creator. As His projection in the material world, the human being is constructed in the same way as is the Universe that is the body of the Creator, with the entities and "gods" that populate it.

The nine great "gods"[83] (ON) who created the Universe are:

KA - the nine energy bodies of the Creator of the Universe. Each possessing different qualities, these energy bodies (hypostases of God), participate in the formation of human energy structures.

These same nine great "gods" (ON) are:

BA - the nine energy bodies of the human being. Each human energy body is a projection of one of the nine energy bodies of the Creator of the Universe and contains the matrices of the main vital systems of the organism[84]. Here is what the myth of the "creation" of the world has to say about this:

" the Beginning of Beginnings there was nothing - only the endless, immobile Nun [the Ocean of primaeval energy] immersed in gloom. The Nun contained within itself the germs [matrices] of all things, of all creatures..."

LA - the human being and the human body is the focal point of the refraction of the two all-forming flows of energy KA and BA. Each of the nine energy bodies of the Universe and the human being are also formed by these same flows of energy. Everything in the world is subordinated to this principle and formed by the interaction of the energy flows KA-BA.

The nine energy bodies of the human being are projections of the nine energy bodies of the Creator of the Universe (ON). For precisely this reason the priests depicted the Heliopolis Ennead (nine energy bodies of the Universe and the human being) as nine "gods" in the body of the human being.

An extremely important conclusion from the "KA-BA-LA-ON" doctrine is that human beings and their energy structures consist not of seven energy bodies, as is taught by a well-known Eastern tradition, but nine!

Let us examine the general meaning of the composition.

The Universe and the human being, the macrocosm and the microcosm, have a single structure. The human being, its energy bodies and physical shell, are formed as a result of the interaction of the nine energy planes (bodies) of the Universe.[85]. The human being and its energy structure is the focal point of the refraction of the energy flows of the Universe.

Each of the energy bodies of the Universe and the human being is a cosmic plan (of existence) inseparably connected to the Creator. All the planes (energy bodies) of the Universe are the body of the Creator[86].

Atum - the god who, according to the "creation" myth, created himself from primaeval energy, incorporating all nine planes, symbolizes in the drawing the ninth energy body of the Universe and the human being. The ninth energy body of each human being is directly connected with God who created our Universe.

Nut is the cosmos, cosmic space, and so her body is covered with stars. With this kind of allegory the ancient doctrine was indicating that the cosmos is the eighth energy body of the human being. Thus the planets and events taking place in space act upon human beings not so much from without as from within. Now it becomes clear why some people in a special state of consciousness can receive information from distant parts of space. But this is not due, as certain scientists have suggested, to some particle moving with infinite speed across the space of the Universe recording information and then "bouncing off the wall" of the Universe to be read while flying through a person's brain.

Everything is constructed differently. The cosmos is the eighth energy body of the human being and it is because of this that we can see and sense remote parts of space, just as we feel the organs of our own body.

Being of a single structure with the Universe (the Creator), each human being is a source of energy connected directly with God, who is the source of all knowledge and energies. Therefore every human being is a particle (or projection) of the Godhead. Through the eyes of every human being God (the All-Seeing Eye) observes the world. (See. Appendix 7).

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Comment by Morgan on August 19, 2012 at 5:56pm

Excellent article! For more on the Heliopolis Great Ennead and how they relate to the Tarot go to

Comment by SwanRa on June 11, 2012 at 1:55am

Dear Sun....this is pure Light!! Thank you so much.

In my tradition we believe we are meant to be walking trees - The walking Tree of Life. It is believed that the Tree narrative originated in Sirius..brought to Lemuria and then Atlantis and then Egypt. We call it the Cabala and it is an antidote for the cabal.

But certainly the Spelling as is more traditional is way wonderful too....or more to the point the definitions of Ka Ba you offered here....I resonate to a lot of what is written above. 

I love the writings and it is very beautiful and feel very grateful to be able to study this.

I share with you this writing by Paramahansa Yogananda:

The bodies of all living things

Trees symbolize the bodies of all living things “ plants, animals, man “ possessing their own distinct type of roots, trunks, and branches with their life-sustaining circulatory and nervous systems.

Of all living forms, only man’s body with its unique cerebrospinal centres has the potential of expressing fully God™s cosmic consciousness. The sacred Ashvattha tree (the pipal or holy fig tree associated with worship of the Divine) therefore symbolizes the human body; supreme among other forms of life.
Man™s physical-astral-causal body is like an upturned tree, with roots in the hair and brain, and in astral rays from the thousand-petalled lotus, and in causal thought emanations which are nourished by cosmic consciousness.

The trunk of the tree of life in man is the physical-astral-causal spine, the astral nadis (channels or rays of life force), and thought emanations of the magnetic causal body. The hair, cranial nerves, medulla, cerebral-astral rays, and causal thought emanations are antennae that draw from the ether life force and cosmic consciousness.

Thus man is nourished not only by physical food, but by God™s cosmic energy and His underlying cosmic consciousness.

Paramahansa Yogananda:The Bhagavad-Gita, p. 788-789

The pose here is important as we do bring in the energy of the Cosmos down from our right hand and it moves across our 5th chakra and out our left hand - this is the symbol of the horse shoe and so many of the goddess statues show the uplifted arms.

I just listened to a Santos Bonacci youtube where he talks of the cosmic energy moving across our throats. I wonder if he knows about the Italian Salute of two raised fingers was twisted to mean disrespect....when in fact it once meant the highest of respect: To wish another all the gifts of the Cosmos from the Tree of Life!

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