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The Reed Flute Song by Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi

Rumi was considered one of the greatest literary geniuses because “he addresses the most important subject that can be addressed: the human beings relationship with the Divine, with Truth itself. He penetrated to the Heart of Reality and returned with the fragrance and flavor of Truth.” (Kabir Helminski)


This is from The Essential Rumi. Translations by Coleman Barks.  From CB:


“Rumi  has a whole theory of language based on the reed flute (ney). Beneath everything we say, and within each note of the reed flute, lies a nostalgia for the reed bed. Language and music are possible only because we are empty, hollow, and separated from the source. (Ahhh the paradox!)


All language is longing for home. Why is there not a second tonality, he muses, a note in praise of the craftsman’s skill, which fashioned the bare cylinder into a ney, the intricate human form with its nine holes?”


My Answer to Rumi about the Language of Love:  


Voicing truth of feelings we end denying shadow self.  Safety abides.  

Empty of the past, its pain and story we set a new tone: Dominion

A space to hear the Call and Song of the Muses. 

This respect grows along with intuition:

Trusts that Light the way and are the Way.

A Flute, my notes are Source…more! This honors us both. 


Never alone again, Music and I are Partners/One.

I AM HOME. Flourishing.

Home is where the Heart is: I speak the language of Love.... 

I Am the Nine ......More.


Dear Rumi, I know you knew that – you just wanted to see if I did!

In deep gratitude I share with you my heart’s Flute Song knowings. Thank you.

I Love You, Nancy, a Swan – no longer an Ugly Duckling


The Reed Flute’s Song by Rumi – translated by Coleman Barks


Listen to the story told by the reed,

of being separated.


“Since I was cut from the reedbed,

I have made this crying sound.


Anyone apart from someone he loves

understands what I say.


Anyone pulled from a source

longs to go back.


At any gathering I am there,

mingling in the laughing and grieving,


spirit up from body; no concealing

that mixing. But it’s not given us


to see the soul.  The reed flute

is fire, not wind.  Be that empty.”


Hear the love fire tangled

in the reed notes, as bewilderment


melts into wine. The reed is a friend

to all who want the fabric torn


and drawn away.  The reed is hurt

and salve combining.  Intimacy


and longing for intimacy, one

song.  A disastrous surrender


with a fine love, together.  The one

who secretly hears this is senseless.


A tongue has one customer, the ear.

A sugarcane flute has such effect


Because it was able to make sugar

in the reedbed.  The sound it makes


is for every one. Days full of wanting,

let them go by without worrying


that they do. Stay where you are

inside such a pure, hollow note.


Every thirst gets satisfied except

that of these fish, the mystics,


who swim a vast ocean of grace

still somehow longing for it!


No one lives in that without

being nourished every day.


But if someone doesn’t want to hear

the song of the reed flute,


it’s best to cut conversation

short, say goodbye, and leave.



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Comment by Sunmover on December 29, 2011 at 5:30pm

Comment by SwanRa on December 29, 2011 at 4:46pm

Ahhh I have been so blessed by Paramahansa Yogananda.....Many hours learning singing chanting drinking in the beauty of the SRF writings and SRF grounds in SOuthern California.....He was a Reed Flute....he helped me so to begin the process of listening to my heart.Singing is so important.

Yes I agree that when one has a love affair with the divine then their expressions are the music of love....and as history has shown us even the greatest teachers had their ebb and flow....only to return stronger and filled with more music. Always the sacred spiral....always expanding.

Comment by Sunmover on December 29, 2011 at 11:01am

I think when one has a love affair with the divine then their expressions are the music of love 

Door of my heart,
Open wide I keep for Thee,
Wilt Thou come, wilt thou come,
Just for once come to me.
Will my days fly away,
Without seeing Thee my Lord,
Night and day, night and day,
I look for Thee night and day.

Comment by SwanRa on December 29, 2011 at 7:36am

As to Jesus - His true lineage is from  Sirius and the house of David roots was the house of Panther - Jesus had the star origins of being a builder  - different than a carpenter - and  healed with Light as taught by the Essenes. Light healing of course predates the Essenes. They learned it from somebody and so forth. Does go back to Sirius as the mystery schools first brought to Lemuria and then Atlantis and then Egypt to Greece etc.

The problem with early spiritual traditions in terms of the writings that were not lost (some being found now)  or burned is that they too like the bible were edited. So I am less impressed with anything until I have studied it and I have studied Kriya Yoga. But frankly this was for the time it was developed and in my experience a lot of these methods while beautiful....are dated unless we add to it our own knowings and expansions. 

It is about expansion building upon like Jesus did . ... In the gospel of Thomas supposedly the only words ever written down while he was saying them by his brother,  Jesus says t "You think I came to bring peace." I came to stir things up with the sword."

He wanted to add to the Jewish traditions and law. He did try and brandish the sword of truth. But change does not occur easily. Consensus feels so threatened: There is: Outrage first. Then years later: Acceptance. Then years later it becomes Main Stream. Case in point Stress Management.

Comment by SwanRa on December 29, 2011 at 7:22am

As to Rumi - he is a beloved poet who was expressing truths that are universal - you can tell by the lightness and there were also those told of his feelings about, of and for his time. As you will agree I am sure - it takes discernment to read him as it does with any one who has authored anything especially if it was labeled spiritual and or metaphysical.

People will quote Edgar Casey as if he had all the truth....when in fact by Edgar's own account he had  an energy force (I forget what he called it) that came through that was not accurate and was  dark.

Poetry like Predictions are made in the now of the person writing and making them…the year, the month the date – the environment influences.  Predictions can change sometimes as early as the next day that alters meaning as well as the future.

No one has the corner on the market on what is truth out there only what is in here (the heart). We all must discover our own Reed Flute Music. Don't you agree?

It is my guidance I am to take what others write – feel the truth discard the rest and add my own knowings to them. We live in totally different cultures and if you believe in Epigenetics even Rumi was a product of the generations that preceded him. All one's senses are colored as a result including the 6th chakra until we claim our own uniqueness...and Rumi for his time was reed flute and it is this poetry that warms our soul today.

As a child I remembered by own soul notes. But by 6 1/2 after repeated beatings I gave up on the whole business of what I knew as the Catholics got a hold of me. But after my last NDE I remembered my Soul notes again. My life changed and I started to remember other lifetimes by humming these notes daily. I had so many amazing syncronisities including finding people who had memories like I did. The first time in my life I felt like I belonged was when I had My NDE. Coming back was my choice but I have found it very difficult to live in a cookie cutter world believing other people's stuff like most religions and so much out there that is begging for original thought. 

People regurgitate even the new agers because it was written a hundred plus years ago and they think it is truth because they have not gone into their hearts or bodies to feel if it is. 

Please check out Brene Brown's Ted Talk video I posted as her research shows so much about the courage it takes to speak one's truth.....courage once mean speaking from the heart.


Comment by Sunmover on December 27, 2011 at 8:29pm

I'm sure Rumi was aware of the astral sounds of flutes amongst others that we can access in meditation.  Kriya Yoga and Surat Shabd Yoga utilize the sounds to travel on into deeper/ higher levels of meditation. Both had Jesus in their lineages.

Comment by Sunmover on December 27, 2011 at 8:06pm
I’m one soul and a hundred thousand bodies. Each body and soul is no one but me. I pretend to be someone else so that I can enjoy watching all of me. - Rumi

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