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Welcome to my Graduation

To My celestial Teacher (Thoth):
Thoth Great Master of Magic I come to you as
a Wizard as it should be, with the {Stone} In my Hand,
to take my sit in the Hermetic Order so thy will shall be god
{key} God/god
As your apprentice "I am" honored to have been given the {key} to the ressurection of the Hermetic order, with tears of pride to take my sit. For with our without magic my teaching will be immortal as their is no higher "Truth" then the "Truth" of God.
Seek only "Truth"
To The Hermetic Order: Oh great sages the sophosophia has returned to the land as I stand before you "All" honored to present to them the fruit of our labor the {Stone} that shall be used to break the chakles of men and set them free till omega, with the birth of "The Universal Man". The Great work is now complete and the order once again step out of the shadows and reclaim our glory as men of God that will pursuit the "Truth" till the day we die! As we will always

Seek knowledge for "Life"

To The mortals: Learn to concede and take my words of wisdom for what they are "Truth" and I shall learn to teach those that will listen. My job as a "Hermetic" Mage is to bring you the knowledge of the gods, and when Im done "All" that was laid hidden shall be known. Yet know that is was (us) The Hermetic order that have shaped and molded your mind's as we refined the {stone} generation after generation so that one day man shall understand the mind of God.
Both Plato and Isocrates affirm that, above all else, Pythagoras was famous for leaving behind him a way of life.[53] Both Iamblichus and Porphyry give detailed accounts of the organisation of the school, although the primary interest of both writers is not historical accuracy, but rather to present Pythagoras as a divine figure, sent by the gods to benefit humankind.[54]

Pythagoras set up an organization which was in some ways a school, in some ways a brotherhood (and here it should be noted that sources indicate that as well as men there were many women among the adherents of Pythagoras),[55] and in some ways a monastery. It was based upon the religious teachings of Pythagoras and was very secretive. The adherents were bound by a vow to Pythagoras and each other, for the purpose of pursuing the religious and asceticobservances, and of studying his religious and philosophical theories. The claim that they put all their property into a common stock is perhaps only a later inference from certain Pythagorean maxims and practices.[56]

As to the internal arrangements of the sect, we are informed that what was done and taught among the members was kept a profound secret towards all. Porphyry stated that this silence was "of no ordinary kind." Candidates had to pass through a period of probation, in which their powers of maintaining silence (echemythia) were especially tested, as well as their general temper, disposition, and mental capacity There were also gradations among the members themselves. It was an old Pythagorean maxim, that every thing was not to be told to every body.[58] Pythagoreans were divided into an inner circle called the mathematikoi ("learners") and an outer circle called the akousmatikoi ("listeners").[59] Iamblichus describes them in terms of esoterikoi andexoterikoi (or alternatively Pythagoreioi and Pythagoristai),[60] according to the degree of intimacy which they enjoyed with Pythagoras. Porphyry wrote "themathematikoi learned the more detailed and exactly elaborated version of this knowledge, the akousmatikoi (were) those who had heard only the summary headings of his (Pythagoras's) writings, without the more exact exposition."

Reflections of the journey: I learned on day one to vow to secrecy the knowledge I was after was not meant for mortals, and were held close to the great sages. "I am" no instructed to release the knowledge of what the order has been instructed by "God" to do for man. "I am" no longer an apprentice and thus can teach you the High knowledge of the sages, as I know take the "Whole" of humanity as (our) apprentice. So that you too will see what we have "All" known. God is Real.Yet in my fustrations Im disgusted by the philosophers in my midst I should have been born in athens to debate with great men, not these intellectual insects. "I'm a renaissance man living in the modern dark age, it's just not fair :-(
It brings saddens to my heart that the modern scholars parade around believing they are sages and men of high knowledge, when the "Truth" is they are "retarded little insects"! It's just not fair I love a great debate yet at this point I know they can never philosophical touch me ever again! So I turn to the sages of the age, to dream and invent theories that have yet to be dreamt theories that have yet to be invented theories laid deep in the mind of God yet to be mined.
Pythagoras started a secret society called the Pythagorean brotherhood devoted to the study of mathematics. This had a great effect on future esoteric traditions, such as Rosicrucianism and Freemasonry, both of which were occult groups dedicated to the study of mathematics and both of which claimed to have evolved out of the Pythagorean brotherhood.[citation needed] The mystical and occult qualities of Pythagorean mathematics are discussed in a chapter of Manly P. Hall's The Secret Teachings of All Ages entitled "Pythagorean Mathematics".

Pythagorean theory was tremendously influential on later numerology, which was extremely popular throughout the Middle East in the ancient world. The 8th-century Muslim alchemist Jabir ibn Hayyangrounded his work in an elaborate numerology greatly influenced by Pythagorean theory.[citation needed] Today, Pythagoras is revered as a prophet by the Ahl al-Tawhid or Druze faith along with his fellow Greek, Plato.

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