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Calender of the soul (28)

We contemplate the implication of the discovery of the self within, a fresh look of self and a revitalising of self. When we begin to go within ourselves and we discover new aspects of our being, then something exciting happens, we gain new insights. The main insight is the vastness of our being, the almost unending possibility of who we can be is excemplified. We experience our own consciousness with the same vastness that we would experience the universe. We cannot phantom the end of conscious potential.

Once we have discovered this vastness then our thoughts are regenerated and become more concentrated, more powerful for it is sourced from within the soul as if the soul itself is the sun of our inner world.

As the sun lights up our solar system so the soul lits up the inner presence of being. This new powerful rays of thought can cut through the darkness of ignorance and lift the veil to existential problems. It allows us to truly connect with reality as was not possible before. Not only has it the power to bring revelations to our minds but it also has the power to fulfill our wishes and desires....even those that we have proportioned asside as something we only hope for but never think can be realised. That is the power of finding ourselves, of discovering our full potential. What we can achieve becomes unlimmitted and the thoughts we transmit becomes powerful rays of transformation.

This new level of thought is creative in nature. It breaks down barriers and overcome obstacles. What we thought was mere wishes becomes actualities and extend the boundaries of what we can wish for.


Hope waits for something in the environment to change or for something to happen externally to ourselves while an awareness of our own expansiveness empowers us to search for new avenues to find solutions. We often end up with hope as an illusion to remain sane but hope is passive in its nature while an awareness is active and allow us to actively become creative in seeking solutions to the questions of life. The statement does not by default means that hope is negative or bad. The verse does not make a statement on whether hope is good or merely states that the extent and the power of such an inner awareness of our expansiveness and the soul's power will enable us to go beyond our hopes and not just remain a hope that maybe something in the future might change. An inner awareness assist us to guide our thoughts like powerful beams onto solutions that are actionable rather than those than possibilities for which we have no evidence. The soul's solar power make me think of the Rosicrucian concept of the Master within, or the soul that is connected and infused with the Oversoul. Off course we do not have to agree or disagree with Steiner but the verse does challenge us to think about the questions about hope.


This is probably the most difficult verse for me to translate in Afrikaans. Seeing the variety of English translations with varying interpretations it seems that English translators have a similar problem. I have asked a friend, Mav Kuhn to assist me with the translations and I found her translation making more sense so I will include that translation into this blog entry.

Original German:
Ich kann im Innern neu belebt
Erfuehlen eignen Wesens Weiten
Und krafterfuellt Gedankenstrahlen
Aus Seelensonnenmacht
Den Lebensraetseln loesend spenden
Erfuellung manchem Wunsche leihen,
Dem Hoffnung schon sie Schwingen

Mav Kuhn's Translation:

Inside myself I have a newly enlivened sense
Of my own being's expansiveness
And thus empowered I can turn beams of thought
from the soul's solar power
to solve life's puzzles
And fulfil many a wish,
the wings of which had previously
been crippled by hope.

Two English translations:
Newly revived within myself,
I can now experience the vastness of my own being.
Newly filled with forces
From the sun's power in my soul,
I can now release rays of thinking---
Solving riddles of existence.
I can now fulfill many a wish
whose wings before
had been crippled by hope.


I can feel my own essence’s widths

Freshly enlivened within,

And force filled thought rays

Out of soul sun might

Loosening life expended riddles,

Lending fulfillment for many a wish,

To the wings of hope already lamed.

My Afrikaans translation:

Binne my het ek 'n nuut opgewekte besef,

van die uitgebreidheid van my wese,

en kragtige denke straal,

vanuit my siel soos sonkrag.

Ek kan eksistensieële lewensgeheime op los

en menig wense,

wat se vlerke lamgelê is deur hoop, vervul.

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