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By Hunter

His blue eyes shone in the wash of enthusiasm. Reflected by the orb the golden rays of fire cast a shimmering dance of a different kind of light on the linens of the finest of silk and synthetics that hung from ceiling to floor. Why anybody would want to cover the inscriptions and pictograms that decorated the hand carved stone  walls was an indication of wealth and in part of the culture at hand. This was no ordinary light.

 This was no ordinary room. The Lad of somewhat pre pubesant age (and of a transgender appearance) was looking over the chest of gold, the finest acatia wood and marble. He had heard his uncle,the highest  ranked of the priests of this court refer to this extremely powerful object in this chamber as the 

"Arc of The Covenant" 

It was crowned with a swinging access passage  type doorway  made of the finest clear crystal. 

It was ornately outlined with a substantial golden cord of fine fire filigree that wrapped the outer edge. A lacing of patterned platinum hand hammered,  accentuated the border of gold giving it another source of finery and an energy aura like  glow that outlined the size and physical shape of this highly revered technological treasure. 

The boy had heard his elders speak of this but only while in "The Assembly Of The Enlightened Ones. 

He was always present when one of these secret gatherings was assembled. 

For some reason, and he was still not sure why, these meetings seemed to pay a disproportionate amount of attention to him.

A lens at the end of the chest was made of the most intricate cut of the rarest of violet lazer Ruby. 

The  lazer ruby was positioned to receive the narrow but powerful beam of light. The ray of focussed light, a light created from a rapidly reversing charge of a rarified current of quassi electric/gamma field of energy ,  that traveled through a medium of gold threads and the finest White Gold Powder cooled to an optimum temperature of .06 increments above the point where water turns to ice. At this point  a super conduction was created.  At its final point of emergence a filament of gold as fine as a thread of micro spider silk a filament began to glow, warm at first, yellow gold. Within seconds the glow was brighter than the sun itself. The Ray passed though the Violet ruby of a highly held secret design cut only by the one who held the key. "The Key Stryker"

It looked that the ray must have reflected within the chest bouncing, no resonating until the chest began to hum.

An Arc of  energetic plasma began the arc  and the sizzling  buzz between the two Cherubim began.

It was only then that the chest door opened on its own and with an up welling of transient semi solid light that the stage came to life. 

The Blue Eyed Boy looked on not realizing that his mouth hung open wide as he leaned forward to look on for the first time in is Ultra Royal Life. 

As a "Sumarian Prince" he was one of the few that would ever be privy to a communication from the Gods of the Ether World.

The Star Gate was going into play...

On top of the Crystal table was a stage which was formed when the top slowly and with precision control settled down into place,  

and on top of it appeared a holographic image, a perfectly proportioned and clearly defined likeness of The Most High , ANU began his communication from the Physical Home of the Gods.

God Anu who traveled through the solar system of the same sun as our earth at his discretion using the SINGULARITIES at his will spoke directly to the Assembly through the multi purposed beast that never slept. 

His domain was the planet Nibiru and he had something to say. The child looked on in awe....

By Hunter  

to be continued .....

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