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There Are No Coincidences, Only Synchronicity

It is amazing to me how I am being led to find more pieces of the puzzle.  On one of the Soul Mate groups I belong to on facebook, I was led to another group, which had an article about the awakening of consciousness that is going on now.  And that article has a video that shows how science and religion are finally meeting in the middle and agreeing.  It ties together and validates things I have believed for years, even though my religion tried to make me deny it.  Now I see why I had to break away from my religion.   I also see why I've had this crazy, wonderful internet relationship with my Twin Flame for over a year and a half.

Finally, I get validation from science for my belief in UFO contact,  my feelings that we are not alone in the Universe, and my feeling that all this doom and gloom, Armageddon, annihilation, etc. is not necessary.  And the Beatles were right... All We Need IS Love.   Recognition and acceptance of the Divine Love in each of us. And more and more I find myself using mudras, Anjali, and feeling the word, Namaste, as part of my being, as East and West come together as One in me.

Be sure to watch the video, it is in 4 parts.  It is a wonderful, scientific acknowledgement and explanation of what the ancients were trying to say, and how it all fits with our awakening now.   Namaste

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