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The word Matter is derived from the Latin “mater”, meaning origin, source, or mother. According to archaic knowledge, Matter is similar to water or mist in its primal composition. Matter or “Mother” is the Divine Mother/Feminine is the wellspring of life and has long been associated with water. The depths of the feminine aspect of consciousness- the subconscious have a deep, watery nature. She began existence as a mist and became a body of water, akin to a great ocean. This is the Primordial sea that the ancient myths referred to. There are three primary forces that act upon Her to shape the waters of Matter/Mother, and thus shape life “this side of the Veil”.

The first force is that of the cold air of Saturn/Satan. When water is brought into contact with cold air, the molecules begin to slow down and if it is cold enough, will actually harden and freeze. The colder it is, the more solid and dense the frozen water becomes. The mores solid and dense, the less life can move and grow. This is the nature of unrestricted and unchecked Saturn- to act upon Matter/Mother in an external capacity (cold air is dense and travels downwards) until there is no capacity for life. It has been long known that the true nature of Satan or Ahriman (as he is known in Zoroastrianism and by the philosopher Rudolph Steiner) is one of a bone-chilling cold. The sphere of Satan in the great initiate-poet Dante’s “Inferno” is that of a frozen wasteland. He is god of death.

The second force is that which is known as “Lucifer”- the heat of extreme passions. The heat of Lucifer acts from beneath/within Matter, as opposed to above as Saturn/Ahriman does, as the nature of heat and hot air is to rise. Like a burner that heats water to a boil, the unchecked desire nature of Lucifer will do the same. When water is boiled, the molecules move faster, and faster until erupting into a boil. When Lucifer causes the waters of Matter to boil, it too kills all potential for growth and life, sterilizing it as simply the pure substance itself. However, if the water continues to boil unchecked, it is eventually evaporated.

Remember that both hot and cold have to do with the temperatures of air. Air is “mental” in nature, which means the effects of both the cold Saturn and the hot Lucifer can be made subject to the right form of Mind- the evolved Higher Mind. Both forces when left unchecked will cause a state of destructive imbalance in both the micro and the macro sense. It is the balance that the third force brings which creates harmony between Mother/Matter, Saturn and Lucifer.

The third principle is what Rudolph Steiner referred to as the “Christ Impulse”. This Christ Impulse is the Light of Divine Consciousness that is generated from the Source of Creation. It is the Christ Impulse that brings balance to the polarities of Lucifer and Saturn. We can think of Christ as the conscious mind that controls and monitors the temperatures on the stove that heats and the refrigerator that cools.

Understanding and working with the Christ Impulse will supercharge the mind, heart and will of man and transform him into the “Master Alchemist”. It is this Master Alchemist who has the knowledge and the power to cool down the passions of Lucifer and warm up the icy demeanor of Saturn, as it is the Light of Christ that provides us with the “Gnosis” or knowledge as to how to do these things. It is the Master Alchemist, through understanding and mastering these forces, is able to temper Matter itself to his or her Will as it is now synced with the Divine Will. The Master Alchemist understands that Matter, and all things that it produced, are in fact products of Mind- the One Mind that created everything.


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Comment by Eterno Crepusculo on September 30, 2015 at 2:14am

Thanks for sharing!

Comment by anki on September 30, 2015 at 12:35am

Great post, very informative!! 

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