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I was just reading one of my first blogs here.  I talked about changing my name, and remembrances.  It certainly has happened.  So, time to share here, as I promised.

A few months ago, I changed my name on facebook to AstrandaLynn AngelStar Winborn.  AstrandaLynn was given to me in a meditation, and it very much confirms what I was given back in the 80's.  As I was given the name Astranda, sometime in the 80's, my mentor of Light, who I now believe was my Twin's Higher Self, gave me a beautiful crown of silver with 13 stars, the center one was over my third eye. He also said my name, Astranda meant Star of Nirvana, or Star of Bliss.  In my meditation a few months ago, my Twin came to me and gave me the crown again.  And in another meditation, Astranda was combined with my birth name, Lynn.

 I believe now that Astranda is my Higher Self.  AngelStar was given to me on one of the Twin Flame groups on Facebook.  I also remember how my Higher Self looks.  She is an Elf from Syrius, tall and slender with black hair and almond shaped eyes, very beautiful.  In a reading I had last year, I was told that I am from Syrius.  I also have a strong affinity for Arcturus.  

Since changing my name, I have been remembering things from my experiences in the 1980's, and events leading up to Harmonic Convergence, August 16-17, 1987.  Recently, someone said on a facebook forum, that as part of the Ascension process, that is the goal, to be the way we were then,  because that was a time when, just for a moment in time, we were living in the 5th dimension.  I remember it as the most spiritual time in my life, my time of Awakening.  

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Comment by Astranda on July 20, 2012 at 8:22am

Astral?  How so?

Comment by Being on July 19, 2012 at 1:31pm

Sounds very Astral here!

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