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u see stars, I see blackness splitting bars

Universe is alive
No death, we all going survive
Its just a ride, enjoy the drive
Do it like 42 laws
Not like slaves afraid of corporate jaws
Sandy's claws
Aint the life to live
Instead get with me in the hive
Past and future its all same
Learn quantum physics game
The secrets in the movie fame
Aint no secret
When u make a change
Shit aint strange
Its science
Its the secret bitches keep silence
Hood illuminati needs no license
Mind over matter
Do that, brothers and sisters
Catholics and christians
And the world will get better
Religion is just a cell
U all can tell
U just got fear bout hell
A place invented by a writer
Stories to scare you
The scarier, the mightier
Magic tricks
When its matter over mind
Chicks & guys
Gettin lost in the fantasy flick

Universe is alive
Thats the real ity

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