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Christ is the boundless Heaven - the Light. To it we have infinite dimensions in what there is to observe, and as our observations, and of our observers. They are the three generations - the observable, our observation, and any observer; what all in relation is made of. The given dimsionality across all three generations makes an entity of God. We are many. Every one of us believes in the Light. To each as how we do, we are in touch with the Heavenly Father - Allah.

The given dimensionality in any generation is an orbital. The points of a fraction are also orbitals. Each fractional point is made up of dimensions too. The mathematical base the fractional points are in reflects, by how many dimensions, how we reflect the Light within the entities. Christ is the Generations, Orbitals and Dimensions altogether - G.O.D. Pure being and Love rests on each entity forever as it is - filling it with The Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit in Everyone is the Heavenly Father. As the Light is fulfilled in All, by our belief in it, All is returned to the Heavenly Father in just being. Believe in God the way it gets you there and Heaven will be in You.

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