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What is Happy?
Is Happiness “Just a guy named Joe?” Maybe for some but what is it for you?
Love of a romantic kind? Company? Excitement? Adventure?
Quiet, peacefulness, sanctuary? Having the basics of food, clothes, and shelter? Security? Is there such a thing?

What is “it” or a combination of things and circumstances that gives one a sense of well-being complete with an up-sense called Happiness?
Could it be an inner sense of self knowing, and identity that you  know belongs to you?

Can you say reasonably “ I know who I am?”
Would your elections, decisions, actions be based on who you identity yourself as?

Could your claim of Identity rectify the so-called wrongs, imbalances of the world?
Can there be a start as your identity grows and ( I can’t say solidifies for it must be dynamic) matures into an all encompassing being.
Can your way, your path become a roadmap for balance, harmony, cooperation of the people of this world?

Will a certain receptivity for Force redirected engender, be the beginning the Peace?   Yes, I’ll say the dirty word “World Peace”  and communion among nations and beyond.

Oh! Now have I become Miss America???

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Comment by Being on January 7, 2012 at 3:18pm

Cymaglobe for feeling good and loving everyday life in all it's possibilities that is how I feel when the sun is shining and I take a walk and enjoy the abundance of beauty all around me. Yes that's such a great feeling. Thank you. I know what you are talking about and it is wonderful for anyone who is able to do that.

KMT for any depth of understanding of the Universe I say once again OMG you express in beautiful understandable way everything of importance I began to understand studying all those Esoteric subjects.

You express, in  your last two paragraphs, what I call Ultimate Truth. There is nothing more important. We can learn the details of many subjects and histories of many cultures over hundreds or even thousands of years but essentially it is to finally realize what you so easily put into words here and recently.

There is of course an extension of degree of the last paragraph. Love you.


Comment by cymaglobe on January 5, 2012 at 2:34pm

Happy may be being autonomous and satisfied and unattached and unaffected by circumstances and wealth and without losing intrinsic ambition and zeal and interest in how knowledge comes about rather than knowledge itself and by realising that you're a-okay even if you wouldn't accomplish one single thing besides walking earth's surface. Happy with and without you and it and for. Happy because its all you can be. Abundance. 

Comment by KMT on January 4, 2012 at 5:34pm

Hi Wisa. Your post brings an often overlooked scripture verse to mind. The Jews, their trials,  tribulations and storied existence in the Euphrates valley, are a veritable gold mine for the history buff, and spiritual devotees of every description. After the death of King David around 933bce, the 12 tribes of the children of Israel split into two factions. 10 tribes moved to the North forming Israel, and 2 tribes along with  the half tribe of Manasseh going South to form Judah. One of the greater prophets of Judah was Jeremiah. When commenting on the lamentable state of affairs (regarding the  Jews at that time) in Jer 8:11he says ..."they have healed the hurt of the daughter of my people (Judah) slightly saying peace, peace, when there is no peace". Their people were in a tragic situation, living in deplorable conditions, largely without hope.

It's very easy to overlook but it was meant to be a profound warning, and a nation wide wake up call for the people to renew their commitment to their God. Judah had just gone into captivity under Babylon by the ruling monarch of the day King Nebuchadnezzer. Their unfortunate brethren to the North (Israel) had already been in captivity for over a century.

I realize I'm taking the long way back to town here, but it occurred to me just how desperate the state of affairs in our world is today and how we desire peace both individually and nationally. Sometimes I feel like we (as the Jews) seek peace when there is no peace and our nation wages war in the name of freedom for people who's fondness for us is ambiguous to say the very least.

So on to the original idea you sponsor with regard to the conscience awareness of joy, or happiness. I fully believe the keys to this dilemma are firmly rooted in the ever changing knowledge of who you are. The need to feel viable and potent, fulfilling (at least to an acceptable degree) the design of ones own construction in concert with our fellow man, so to speak. Our own personal sphere of tranquility is ever more precious, as the world around us is in a perpetual state of turmoil.

Happy then, beyond the mundane requirements imposed by physical existence, is largely a struggle to maintain a sense of belonging, in living  with those in our circle of acquaintance, but more importantly, the all consuming need to coalesce with the infinite, caught up and bathed in that indescribable, wondrous, cosmic twilight that knows no end. Our connection (with each other) is of paramount importance, and sowing the seeds of love as we build up, instead of tearing down. This is penned in the spirit of  peace and joy, but as urgently in the hope we as a community will rightly esteem the value of each other. The voice of Cosmic harmony is always in a comprehensible tongue if we will have the ears to hear, world without end.

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