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Ten years ago one crop circle spoke in letters.  This information that I received in terms of how to understand it...also speaks volumes. I am a Rune Scholar and use the Uthark way of interpreting these energy Icons. Runes are way older than Scandinavia. They can be traced to the Star Sirius.

This is the original language of energy. any Icon on your computer opens window after window. Many languages can be traced as having their roots in the Runic Language.

Language scholars used all the known languages over time to interpret the Crop Circle Script. However they left out the Runes. My Field of Dream's Voice asked me to interpret what Appono Astos meant using the Runes.

 Please scroll down for an interpretation using the language of the Runes.  The message using the Runes is so clear: it is about coming into the balance of the masculine and feminine to be in the sacred marriage of Heiros Gamos: that births RESPECT. 

Please read each definition carefully and let me know please what you feel....not think....The Runes are a language of Feelings.  Ten years in the making to send it out into the Ethers Now...on New Years Eve.

My wish is for all to come into the balance of their own magnificent being through 2012 and manifest more of our True Self. Thank you. So mote it be. And it is so.

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Comment by SwanRa on January 1, 2012 at 12:51pm

Clyde thank you for your comments and questions. I did this translation years ago. Actually it was a TV program talking about unexplainable things. I did search then to find out what others were saying. I do not remember the site as it was ten years ago. Those involved used all the known languages but not the Runes. I worked with the book Rune Power by Kenneth Meadows and picked out intuitively what each Rune meaning meant in the context of Appono Astos.

However today, I was called by Skywriter's comments to investigate further and my own Field of Dreams voice to use the actual Crop Circle forms to determine what it says beyond Appono Astos and translating Appono Astos using the Runes.

I am going to go deeper using the actual crop forms.  I'll keep you posted as what I find.

I am filled with the light of discovery. Life is grand. "I get by with a little help from my friends." (Beatles) I add to this A lot.Namaste. Wishing you all that is Respect for all of 2012 and beyond.

Comment by SwanRa on January 1, 2012 at 12:30pm

Sorry Sky writer meant to answer your first and so important question....

I trace my roots back to Sirius and thought as you did that what was shown was actual "heirogliphics" - I have not been able to find a clearer picture...

My guidance now is to count the corners - it is method I have been given to understand more the power of the five.....the center of the Cross. The Equal armed cross that depict the elements and more. The center is 5. In the tarot this is the Hierophant  In the Runes it is >.  I am going to blow the Crop Circle picture up and see what I discern. My whole body right now is vibrating to another level of truth I am about to find.....thank you for this profound question.

I am celebrating the Year of the Dragon and all this is Draconion Magic. Transmutation, Transformation and Transcendence so as to be a Transmitter of LIGHT...the Fire of Soul and Spirit.

Comment by SwanRa on January 1, 2012 at 12:02pm

Skywriter --- YEAH!!! I whole heartedly agree with your comments about the ego (mind) .I so thank you for your feed back and CANDOR - so few in the world risk being courageous in that way - the original meaning of courage was speaking from the heart. Please see the Brene Brown youtube I placed on this site. She is a Social Scientist and her research findings about courage and truth put her in therapy for a year! Interesting that the same thing happened to Bruce Lipton who wrote Biology of Belief.

Please note: The meaning I was deriving is that we have made the ego more important than the heart and listening to the ear of the H.ear.T. Thus the short hand of  using the Throne as a visual picture.  We know this is true by every fear choice we have ever made. Also daily when we stay in our co-dependency with others - this keep the fear of the negative ego going.

WE have made each of us individually our egos an adversary! We have twisted it as we have our feminine and masculine energies.... through out time. We can look out into our wold and see this reflected back at us.

I so agree....To heal the ego we need to  love it as it was doing and following our rule book.... When  we own this then it becomes a positive force and heart and mind are joined as the partners they were meant to be. In the sacred marriage of Heiros Gamos. This is the sacred marriage: the dance of Isis and Osiris...birthing Horus: Unity Consciousness.

We with our own Lexicon and Dictionary of Meanings have our own story associated. That is what is so wonderful about COMMUNICATION.We talk and say oh you meant this ....well this is what I meant. Bruce Lipton calls this Epigenetics....influences of the past to the meanings. We help each other so much in our respectful questioning. I thank you for yours.

As to focus and outcome. To me this is a sublime paradox. I am working through this. Hope in my tribe is defined as "What you anticipate and expect will materialize."  The part for me when faced with challenges daily is to remain as a Tree - drinking in all the elements and standing tall no matter what storms. I realize for me the outcome is done. But I do rummage around and are still finding conflicts of consciousness that are the gifts to help me heal deeper to be a Tree.

Thank you dear Skywriter.....One who is a scholar is one who is always at the top - always going higher. I am still at a place I am putting down stronger roots so that like a tree I can grow higher without falling over. All I know is that I love challenge...this is what stimulates my knowing - so thank you. I am more in the now as I learn to be more of a TREE.

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