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Working today in the Radiology Department of an Area Hospital, Contemplating Image, Bones and Gratefulness

I am a Radiologist Report Specialist for the Picture Archiving System and Radiology Imaging Report System, in an area Trauma Hospital Center. I sit in a darkened department with big fluorescent light screens and Digital Monitors that are set up so that I can view both the Digital images that are sent to the Physicians and the Films in the rare case that a physician would still like to have the study done on film (most studies are routinely looked at in Digital Format now in Xray and all Modalities). As I sit, surrounded by images of Bones from Xray and Brains from MRI's and CT scans, with Ultrasound Images and Echocardiogram images beaming their secrets to my eyes, I cannot help to be grateful for my position, and for the Image. When I speak of position, I am not referring to the job necessarily. While a job is necessary to pay our bills, the position I speak of is the physical location, amidst the images... of something I work with on many home I use Bones to do my Energy Work, and at Work I study the Images of Bones and other Biological parts to detect Trauma and Disease... the Energy that radiates from the bones, and their what I am grateful in this case Image is teaches me while I am away from Home, my Home Work, and it is a Part of my Work, Home away from is a cycle, the learning, the viewing, the imaging, the Energy...soooo grateful. The technology is Magical. I am Magical. This place is Magical, and I am Grateful for the Magic.

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Comment by Fiachna on June 29, 2013 at 5:52pm

Lovey post/article, sounds like a nice 'position' to be in :-)

Comment by monkeyofstick on June 29, 2013 at 4:23pm

Very cool

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