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At 4:11pm on December 15, 2011, Sunmover said…

This year at the time we went the Osireon was flooded but last year in the spring it was dry and we were able to go down and through a tunnel like space to many orbs were captured on film!  I burn frankincense and myrhh oils that I got in Egypt and they are really comforting..and your suggestion of the branch ash ties in very much with planetary tantra and sounds a great idea....thanks.  The sun temple at Abu Ghurob was where we held our 11.11.11 meditation as the muslim brotherhood had held a protest at the pyramid on that day so we had to enter the following day, which was worth it no matter what the day or date.

At 4:43pm on December 14, 2011, Sunmover said…

At 12:55pm on December 13, 2011, Sunmover said…

I definitely plan to take some well needed time for myself over xmas and use the time to rebuild my energy fields and immune system.  You are very intuitive, thank you.  The quote from the card made me laugh with delight.hahahaha  The sunshine you send is much appreciated as it is quite damp and cold here in the UK.

I got invited to a Nile cruise in Feb. that was too irristible to pass up, so I shall reconnect once again with what I left so hurriedly behind recently. It really is the land of my soul.....  I'm not sure if Akenaten reincarnated  and especially as Jesus but he does hold a place in my heart as does  the Essenes. 

I shall now go and have a long soak in a nice bubble bath - a favorite past

At 4:47pm on December 10, 2011, Sunmover said…

Finally a moment to read, reflect on what you wrote and respond.  I have learned to just share information and if it sprouts in fertile soil so be it, and if it doesn't so be it...:-)   Not everything I share is my belief and as there is such a wide range of interests i share a variety of things for mental stimulus.  I love the concept of Christ energy and would love to hear what you think or have discovered on that topic. I haven't read the book you mentioned but have taken a foundation course in numerolgy - of course that is the beginner level.  

You may prefer to inbox me directly and then the comments aren't posted on your page, and images can be included also.  Your impressions are very accurate and jumped out at me immediately.  I was in Egypt when my mother died doing a sacred tour which of course was about transformation so the seedling image is profound.  I had felt when my mother was dying that her death would initiate my life and understood that even more once I got to Egypt and all the magical things that were transpiring there.  In a day or so I will share with you a meditation moment at Edfu the temple of Horus......I also bought a gold necklace with 4 Horus images on it as a gift from my mother who sent me a cheque before I left to treat myself to something.  I also bought a very old Horus magic box with a scarab on the inside that was found under a house and it is many hundred of years old.  Maybe I will show you in a picture.  I seemed to acquire a number of scarabs so of course you are right with rebirth.

I hadn't really given any thought to what I have been sharing lately as i share things as they come across my path.  I've not been very well lately so have not really written my own blogs although there are some stirring in the periphery of my so looking forward to the christmas break to take the time for me.  Never really had a chance to process Egypt as within 2 days of flying home I had to fly out again for a funeral.........  time is fluid but I seem to be in a mis-step at the moment..........must get my dancing rhythm back in stride....:-)

At 3:56pm on December 6, 2011, Sunmover said…

Thank you so much for your kind words about my mom and yes I find that no matter how I know death is not the end and it was ok for her to leave I have felt tremendous sadness at what could have been more in our lives.
 I am hardwired to seek truth and  have a firm belief that we all know Truth within ourselves at some level - often deeply buried beneath life's  surface busyness. 
  I definitely agree that our bodies can be used to test truth either by muscle testing or as you note the solar plexus confirmation of feelings.  I'm looking forward to your sharing with me and perhaps others on the site if you choose to do any blogs or otherwise.

At 1:50pm on December 4, 2011, Sunmover said…

Thank you Nancy.......funnily enough we just chose the hands of light for my mothers headstone so I see that you are also quite intuitive.  My medicine name given to me when I became a Shamanic Practitioner is She Who Moves The Sun To Shine In Dark Places and I've just shortened it for convenience and a reminder of my commitment to Spirit.  I am also a Leo which is a sun sign and in a Live Between Life regression session going home was going to the sun.  So without actually thinking or planning to be conscious of the sun it seems that I am more than a believer in the power of Light.

Have you listened to any of Santos Bonacci teachings?  If we know the sun to be represented as 'Christ' and that there has been many such Christs then could the Christ Consciousness have something to do with the consciousness of the sun or solar Light energy which is what our Light body or cellular structure is comprised of. Also since atoms are empty space or filled with light, could the CC be the highest purest light that is in direct alignment with the consciousness of the sun and that is what our higher chakras - those above the crown are in sync with..... could it also be that with this galactic alignment taking place is about .....restoring our CC with those who are able to hold such pure rays without burning out our nervous system.......and could it be that is why our diet is becoming more purified in line with the light ingestion of only foods that hold light such as natural or raw veg and fruit. Could this be the reason for quantum awakenings to ready the physical / mental / emotional etc bodies to become hardwired to pure light.......what do you think?

At 3:03pm on December 3, 2011, Sunmover said…

Wishing you many magical moments!

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