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Documentary on Kabbalah theology. The Zohar teaches that the purpose of the Kabbala is to teach unification of the Feminine and Masculine. Feminine is earth and water and Masculine air and fire . In the balance of equality....there is a sexual union...the Etheric whose energy is directed to create human actions that are Just or un- just.
All actions affect each and that which we call "God"....our actions not only affect each other but "God."
some thing to feel and think about.

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Comment by SwanRa on April 15, 2013 at 7:17am

Thanks Chico for your Danny Wilton read on the Cabala. What Danny does not realize we are the Illuminati  who twists the energies of the Cabala - every  time we lie cheat steal judge, deny our beauty and others - we are in the dark.

Danny does not realize The Star of David - or Star of Sirius - triangle pointing down:feminine -pointing up is the masculine - are the solstice and equinox purity - not the male and female that are distorted energies we must heal. The cabala is a good tool. Pentacle is a symbol of the 5 elements of creation.Lie, etc we twist these energies that hurts self and others.

Danny has found his truth ....there is way more about the Cabala ........I hope Danny keep open.

Comment by Chico Pono Ouiji on April 14, 2013 at 9:35pm

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