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Manly Palmer Hall - TURN OFF THE TELEVISION SET... I have had a great deal of interest in what this man speaks of.. Hopefully he will influence you all as he did me

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Comment by AMENMAATRA on February 10, 2011 at 11:48am

We unplugged from the Cable company right before 9/11/2001. We control everything we put into our heads through the Net. While no person of this civilization can escape from it all, it is good to create a barrier between you and the propaganda. There is so much poison on TV- News and advertising has been proven to cause stress and anxiety by numerous studies. In addition to stress, chronic Materialism is also a chronic effect of watching too much advertising.


"Advertising is a massive, multi-million dollar project that's having an enormous impact on child development," says Kanner, who is also an associate faculty member at a clinical psychology training program called the Wright Institute. "The sheer volume of advertising is growing rapidly and invading new areas of childhood, like our schools."

According to Kanner, the result is not only an epidemic of materialistic values among children, but also something he calls "narcissistic wounding" of children. Thanks to advertising, he says, children have become convinced that they're inferior if they don't have an endless array of new products."

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