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Tesla's Longitudinal Electricity - Eric Dollard, Peter Lindemann & Tom Brown

Here are some amazing experiments proving Tesla's work we did at Borderland labs in the late 1980's.

If you've ever wondered if there is more to a Tesla coil than just making big sparks then watch this video. Presented is a series of experiments providing you with factual data on the reality of Tesla's theories. you will see experiments on:

* The One-Wire Electrical Transmission System

* The Wireless Power Transmission System

* Transmission of Direct Current through Space

* A novel form of electric light powered by a single wire which attracts material objects but repels a human hand!

Also presented is a longitudinal ground broadcast from our lab to a nearby beach, using the Pacific Ocean as an antenna.

These experiments can be reproduced by any competent researcher, there are no secrets here!

Today's conceptions of a Tesla Coil provide the researcher with little practical material. Eric Dollard reintroduces the 'pancake' Tesla Coils in a series of experiments taken directly from Tesla's work. No modern interpretations required, we went to the source -- and it worked!!! Construction details are given. If you want to do some exciting, exploratory work into Tesla's theories then this video will certainly give you a good start.

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