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Pythagorean Tone Generator This musical instrument generates Pythagorean notes that the human voice and modern musical instruments cannot duplicate. When seen on an osciloscope, each note is a perfect circle instead of a sawtooth pattern as with our musical scale. Pythagoras believed these notes represented the universal Music of the Spheres and had transformative properties for matter or the bodies of people at lower frequencies of manifestation. Each note produces the esoteric sound corresponding to each chakra point and the instrument is used to stimulate and purify the chakras in the body. The notes are designated by the corresponding archetypal planetary symbol for use in alchemical meditations and experiments. Each note produced by these custom made chimes is based on precise mathematical proportions known as Pythagorean tuning. Pythagoras (569 B.C.) was a brilliant Greek philosopher and mathematician. Pythagoras taught his students that focusing on pure mathematically precise tones would calm and illuminate the mind. With discipline, true happiness could be experienced. Pythagoras taught that music should never be approached as a form of entertainment. Rather, he recognized that music was an expression of harmony, the divine principle that brings order to chaos and discord. Pythagoras described music and nature in terms of arithmetical relationships. The Pythagorean scale looks very different from the western scale on an oscilloscope (an instrument showing sound waves). The successive multiplication by 3/2, the musical fifth, is the method used by the Pythagoreans for generating the musical scale. Single notes can be seen on the oscilloscope as a circle, and C-G, the perfect fifth, produces a helix. This 3:2 ratio is found throughout nature, from the spiral of a shell, to a flower, to our fingerprints, even to our DNA and the very shape of the universe. A truly unique transformative tool! Each instrument is tuned to the full esoteric octave, from Pythagorean middle C to high C, and can produce the Perfect Fifth tone (which contains all other tones in creation) and the true sound of Om. The instrument can also be used to compose beautiful compositions that elevate consciousness. The instruments are handmade spruce acoustic boxes with hardwood trim and solid alloy bars that are suspended by shock cord for maximum resonance. They come with cushioned striking mallet and complete instructions. Eight 5/8-inch tone bars produce an entire octave of precise Pythagorean tones. The instruments measure approximately 2 feet tall, 15 inches wide, and 4 inches deep.

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